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Welcome to the National Association of Teen Institutes (NATI) web site. NATI is the professional membership organization of a dynamic network of youth leadership programs throughout the United States. These programs are dedicated to providing young people the leadership skills to promote alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention and healthy lifestyles. Currently there are 50 programs operating in 21 states and directly serving an average of 36,500 youth yearly. NATI welcomes new members to our association and is looking forward to representation from every state.
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NATI Story

"These people leave an impact on you that lasts forever." - Sandi Lott, Youth Participant, Georgia Teen Institute

"Not only did I meet individuals who have the same goals and values I have when looking at prevention efforts, but know that those values are spread across the entire United States, got me even more motivated to continue our mission." - Elizabeth Mast, Youth Participant, Illinois Teen Institute

"Being involved in NATI has helped Georgia's programs to grow because we have been able to network with other states, find out what's worked and what hasn't for others and even share staff members! We look forward to the conference each year, hoping to gain new ideas and innovative ways to share the prevention message with youth in our own state." - Jessica Andrews, Director, Georgia Teen Institutes

"Being involved with NATI has consistently been a rewarding experience for both our adult staff and youth volunteers. NATI provides a unique opportunity for our staff to gain new insights for programmatic development through networking. NATI also provides an exciting advanced leadership opportunity for our youth staff who get the chance to see firsthand, on a national level, how effective prevention truly is." - Jamie Sierfeld, Director, Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute (NJ)


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