NATI Membership

NATI has three classes of members. The designation of such classes and the qualifications and rights of the members of such classes shall be as follows:

  1. A Program Member must be a corporation or agency, which currently operates a Teen     Institute Program that is determined by the NATI Board of Directors to meet NATI standards and utilizes the model framework. A Program Member must designate a representative of its program to cast its vote in general membership meetings and/or to be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors of the Corporation.
  2. An Associate Member is any person or organization who supports the mission of NATI. The Associate Member is not a voting member of NATI.
  3. An Individual Member may be any person, including youth, or entity who is interested in promoting the ideals of NATI. An individual Member has participated in a Program Member’s teen institute and whose status is validated by that Program Member’s Director. Youth shall be defined as anyone who, at the time of membership, is a freshman through senior in high school.


NATI Membership Benefits

By becoming a member of NATI, you immediately become connected to a nationwide movement of youth prevention and leadership training. Through conferences, resource manuals, national advocacy opportunities, newsletters, and an interactive website, you will get the opportunity to interact and network with organizations throughout the country who are committed to promoting alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention and leadership training. Benefits include:

  1. Comprehensive resource manual of member profiles
  2. Board of Director opportunities
  3. Subscription to a biannual newsletter
  4. Discounted rates at NATI's Annual Conference
  5. Link from NATI's website
  6. Opportunity to gain and share ideas and resources

How to Join NATI

Contact NATI at:
937 S. Second Street
Springfield, IL 62704
phone: 217.528.7335


  1. Current Teen Institutes Find a teen institute near you.
  2. Teen Institute Model Framework. Elements of a teen institute.